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teestart - the first clothing with real experience

From the beginning it was clear to us that a new contemporary clothing brand should be close to its people. With teestart we propose a new approach: we offer the customer a unique experience, simple, clear, good fun and to share it. To have a special garment connected to some kind of activity or goal mission. With a small group of people we have launched a new contemporary brand, full of creativity. We begin this journey with all that people who are looking for originality, novelties, new concepts, new experiences and trusted brands. With teestart you will share your interests, adventures and experiences. From the moment you buy a teestart product you will be part of our community.

Marc while he was shopping thought that he would like to have a more direct relationship with the brands he appreciates.”They have never asked me, they rather want me to buy without offering me anything original or interesting. The communication of the brands is based on images, photos or videos with supermodels, sports people, actors or famous people even if I´m not one of them” Marc and George began to ask to their friends if they would be willing to have a little experience after purchasing an item. Almost everybody liked the idea and they started a way to create this type of relationship between the brand and its public.

Marc: “When we started brainstorming about the participation of the client it became clear that the activity should be done outdoors.”

“I would like the people to go to a destination where they don´t expect or imagine yet and go over there with our garments wearing them proudly;”

George: “If I were a client I would think this kind of implication between product and a real activity is great. It´s like a mistery, surprise and adventure at the same time”

So we decided to create a printed custom and unique code in each item. A crazy idea for big brands, but essential for teestart and its differentiated products.

Marc: “Our clients are part of the brand and the next step will be to ask them to share their comments, images or videos on our community. With the actual mobile technology and applications we can share everything any place any moment”.

George: “To enhance the exclusive carácter of teestart we have prepared a special t-shirt teeGift to give as a present who complete the mission. To this process we call it teeXperience”.

In teestart each one can explain and share their experiences, move up to a the next level to purchase more exclusive products and be part of an open community with free spirit. It´s time to start

follow your start
the first clothing with real experience

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